I’m in Love….with my microtwists


I’ve done my hair in mini-twists before, but my most recent installment is by far my most loved. They took me a little over a day and a half to put in, and I’m amazed as to how they turned out.

I started with freshly washed hair that was stretched over night in braids. The following day I started twisting, and was finished the next evening. I didn’t like how straight my ends were looking, so I spritz with some water, Kinky curly knot today, a little oil, and a random hair butter. My hair shrunk SO much, but my ends were very curly, bouncy, and oober soft.




I wore my hair in a bigger set just a few weeks prior that I kept mostly pinned up or in a bun, because I just didn’t like how they looked down. Take a look.





I don’t know how long I will be keeping them, but definitely not too long to the point of them starting to lock… in other words sisterlocs.


First Indigo Impression


The above picture was right before I got started with the Indigo application.

I’ve been a henna head for almost 2 years now, and I’ve never tried Indigo. The purpose of using Indigo is to tone the redness that henna gives. Since my grey hairs are so randomly placed in the front of my head, it looks odd after applying henna with the reddish/orangey result. I hope that makes sense. Basically I wanted a more uniformed look.

I ordered the Indigo from Mehandi I mixed it as suggested with water and CMC powder to give a creamier consistency.

Yep, it looks like poop (according to my daughter). It smells like very earthly herbs. Trust me…the smell washes away.

Before applying the Indigo, I washed my hair as suggested (apply to clean hair). I washed with Darcy Botanical Daily Cleansing Conditioner cream. Then I donned my gloves. (Last henna application, I forgot my gloves and had orangey hands for a few days)

After applying the mixture over my entire hair and placed 2 plastic bags on and sat for approximately an hour.


I rinsed out with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration condish, then followed with Darcy Botanical Pumpkinseed condish, which I let marinate for 15 mins uncovered, then rinsed. I lightly blow dried and flattwisted my hair and went to bed. I set my flattwists with some leave in condish (from Kimmaytube’s line), a little oil concoction, and Jane Carter’s Nourish and Shine. In the morning I undid the flattwists and pinned my hair up for work, using a claw clip.

I think my hair came out as imagined. I will definitely do this again. See for yourself. The picture on the left was taken a few days ago post my monthly henna application and on the right was taken this morning. My hair on the right post Indigo application is indeed darker, and I’m in love with it.


Mislabeled??? A review


So after hearing so many good things about the Darcy’s Botanicals product, specifically the Pumpkinseed Moisturizing Conditioner from Hairscapades and aHairstory, my product junkie self took over. I purchased the Pumpkinseed Moisturizing conditioner and the Daily Cleansing Moisturizing Cream.

Before I start the review, let’s try to make some sense out of the products labels. After posting a picture of my new purchase on my Instagram page and tagging aHairstory and Hairscapades, something was brought to my attention. Take a look…


AHairstory stated that she uses the product several ways, as a deep conditioner, as a leave in condish, as well as a moisturizer on her dry hair. She also states that she has not experienced any damage or problems to her hair when she uses it as stated above. The label states to let the product set on hair for 15-20 mins then style accordingly. Hairscapades made a great point which I so agree with. As a leave in condish, why would it have to set on hair for a given time before styling??

On the other hand, take a look at what the “Cleansing” Moisturizing Cream says.


Hmmm…scratches head.

On to my review…
The smell is awesome for both and the consistency is very thick and creamy. After using the cleanser, my hair felt a little coarse, (I knew right away that I wouldn’t be using the product as suggested on label which is to leave in if desired) I applied the Pumpkinseed condish on top and my hair instantly felt oober soft. BUT this is not the true test…after repeating the process on the rest of my hair I placed a plastic cap on and let it set on my hair for approximately an hour then rinsed.

Mission accomplished…my hair was still oober soft and felt VERY moisturized. I didn’t add my usual leave in condish, but I proceeded to add my hair pudding and twisted for the night.

I will definitely try out the products again to really decide if they are worth purchasing again.

Not feeling it…

I am so not feeling this…wearing my minitwists down. I love LOTS of volume when it comes to my natural hair, so i wore my minitwists down long enough to take the pictures. Can you see the look of disgust in my face? Though I might say my hair looks super juicy and shiny.



Flat-twisted minitwists

Yesterday I was not feeling the flatness and blah of my minitwists, and I certainly was not about to undo them. So, i decided on putting in flat twists, approximately 5 or 6. To start, I spritzed my scalp and ends with rosewater and sealed with my concoction of oils, then flat twisted.

Here are the results after I took out the flat twists, fluffed, and styled.






Bantu knot out

I straightened my hair for my trip to New York a couple weeks ago, and experimented with a style after seeing the results of my curl friend Rece from aHairstory. Her hair is simply gorgeous.

The products that were used to set the knots were Kinky Curly Knot Today and Oyin Handmade Shine and Define.

Here are my results, maybe next time I’ll try it on blown out hair.





CHRISTmas in the BIG Apple



I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas like myself. This has been one of the best Christmas I’ve had in a really long time. I re-visited New York (for the 7th or 8th time) with my daughter Shamar and sister Tresha, and stayed in the Bronx with cousins. We took the Subway train to many places in New York, such as Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Staten Island by way of the Ferry. My 20 year old male cousin was our tour guide.

I even met up with a few awesome young ladies that I met on the original CurlyNikki presents Kim Coles Grow out Challenge, Shelli from Hairscapades and Sherece aka Rece from A Hair Story as well as their sisters. We met up for Brunch at Rue57 and chatted mostly about hair of course.

Beware!!! picture overload….












We spent our Christmas (my last night in New York….my sister and daughter will stay until New Years’ Eve) in Staten Island. I had so much to eat, so much laugh, and took more pictures.








Three weeks old minitwist out

Oh I’m badly in need of water to hit this dirty scalp of mine. By golly G! This has been by far the longest i’ve gone, three weeks too long without washing my hair. I can’t wait to be off work to start the washing process. I’m still loving my twist out though.



Twist in…twist out



I put minitwists in my hair and basically wore them in either an updo or a bun. I kept them in for 12 days. I started to miss my loose hair and decided on untwisting. I loved the untwisted look and wore my hair again in an updo.


It had been 2 weeks since washing my hair and, my hair was super stretched. My ends were a little dry so I spritzed with some rosewater, added some Kinky Curly Knot today, sealed with Oyin Handmade hair butter and braided. I did about 6 big plaits. This morning I took the plaits down and my hair felt and looked juicy.



A look back from a setback

Do you guys remember a post I did called a setback? Well I do. Let me take you back in time to sometime in October 2011, where it all began,  fast forward a little to sometime in January of this year. You can click on the highlighted links, to read what I discovered, and what I thought and still believe are causes of my mild case of self diagnosed alopecia.

After doctoring my wound here, I saw great improvements.


Oct 2011...

Oct 2011…


A LITTLE GROWTH: Sorry for the dark picture, but here I started seeing some improvements.


Dec 2011




Jan 2012






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